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Voted NH BEST Tattoo Shop

Voted NH Best Tattoo Shop FIRST PLACE!!! That’s right, Jim’s Tattoo was recently awarded NUMBER ONE in the BEST of New Hampshire in the Tattoo category! With tattoo’s like some pictured here, it is easy to see how Jims Tattoo was voted NH BEST Tattoo shop. We at Jim’s Tattoo are so thankful for all […]

Do I Want A Color or Black and Grey Tattoo?

We have covered the importance of selecting the right tattoo design, artist, shop, and even the right location for your tattoo. Today we are going to cover the importance of using color or going without color for your tattoo. One of the hardest decisions when selecting a tattoo is whether or not to go with […]

Size Does Matter! So Does Location.

Did we get your attention? Hope so! In our six-part installment series, we have been discussing the ART of selecting and receiving the right tattoo. Our criteria so far includes Tattoo design, the skill of the tattoo artist, and most recently – choosing the right shop. Today’s segment is going to cover the importance of size […]

Choosing the BEST Tattoo Shop

Choosing the best Tattoo shop is as important as the tattoo. As our third installment of our six-part series for the tattoo enthusiast, we want to discuss the importance of a good tattoo shop. Cleanliness is KEY Safety and cleanliness should be your area of MOST CONCERN, and for good reason. Remember, every surface touched during […]

Skilled Tattoo Artists Matter

This is the second installment of our tattoo enthusiast series. Our goal is to provide our clientele and tattoo enthusiasts with the knowledge required to make the most informed decision when getting inked. Skilled Tattoo Artists Matter We mentioned in our article, Selecting the Right Tattoo, the importance of a skilled artist. We wanted to elaborate […]

Selecting the Right Tattoo

 Tattoo Series: This is the first segment of a six-part series we will be writing for our clientele and tattoo enthusiasts to read. In this article, we are calling out the importance of skilled and talented tattoo artists, up-to-date equipment, shop location, tattoo location and customer knowledge when determining the right tattoo for you. In […]

About Us

Quality Tattooing Since 1977 Jim’s Tattoos is a high-energy custom tattoo shop comprised of the best tattoo artists in the entire Northeast region. We are conveniently located on Lafayette Road, just a short distance from Hampton Beach. Hampton offers a diverse mix of restaurants, bars, businesses and tourist attractions. With this in mind, we work […]