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This is the second installment of our tattoo enthusiast series. Our goal is to provide our clientele and tattoo enthusiasts with the knowledge required to make the most informed decision when getting inked.

Skilled Tattoo Artists Matter

We mentioned in our article, Selecting the Right Tattoo, the importance of a skilled artist. We wanted to elaborate on this a little to point out that creative and talented does not always mean clean and safe. A tattoo artist that is true to their craft will select a tattoo studio that invests in keeping their facilities clean and safe. This means parlors that supply high-end autoclaves that regularly test their output. BE WARNED! Bad autoclaves will spread contaminated spores.

This is important to understand and appreciate. If having the most up-to-date and top-of-the-line equipment used on your skin is not convincing reason to seek out a skilled tattoo artist – then I think I have an Exacto knife in my children’s art kit you can bring to your next appointment.

Licenses and Certifications Matter

In addition to possessing a current State License, a good tattoo artist will ensure high-quality service by utilizing great sterilization technique. Licensed tattoo artists must successfully complete Skin Care and Blood Born Pathogen  coursework, and be CPR and First Aid Certified.

Style Matters

Some tattoo artists have a signature tattoo style. Some tattoo artists are better at fine lines and details than others. Some are more skilled at primitive and ancient cultural style tattoos while others are better skilled at flowers and skulls.

Basically, if you have a particular style of tattoo you desire, make sure your tattoo artist is well versed in that style. (For example, if you want a realistic portrait of a loved one, do not seek out a tattoo artist that specializes in lurid cartoons.)

It is ultimately up to you!

At Jims Tattoo in Seabrook, NH, we can only make recommendations when selecting your tattoo artist. The following are some suggested tips for finding a skilled tattoo artist:

  • Cleanliness: Look for one who has the cleanliness and sterilization techniques of a surgeon and the gift of painting like Michelangelo. Sometimes this means a willingness to invest a little more money and travel. (For those who live here in Seabrook, NH – that won’t be necessary).
  • Portfolio: Request to see examples of their work.
  • Observe: Visit a tattoo shop and ask if you can watch the artist in action. (For privacy reasons, some shops might not allow this).
  • Communication: This is KEY when selecting a tattoo artist. Listen to the voice of reason. Oftentimes there are well-known limitations to tattoo size and placement. A skilled artist will understand this and will collaborate with you on getting you what you seek, while ensuring a good result.
  • Style: Make sure your styles agree.
  • Most Obvious: Should you ever spot a tattoo on someone that you really like – ask them who performed the work.

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