Selecting the Right Tattoo

Tattooing With Protective Gloves

 Tattoo Series:

This is the first segment of a six-part series we will be writing for our clientele and tattoo enthusiasts to read. In this article, we are calling out the importance of skilled and talented tattoo artists, up-to-date equipment, shop location, tattoo location and customer knowledge when determining the right tattoo for you.

In this article we will highlight the necessary criteria and our follow-up articles will go into more detail. Our goal is to provide our clientele and tattoo enthusiasts with the knowledge required to make the most informed decision when getting inked.

You get what you pay for!

I could make this entire piece about the concept of supply and demand, but my intent is to clarify why tattoos are deemed so expensive. In the  past few years, tattoos have become much less taboo than they used to be and are now considered more mainstream America. This has resulted in a surge in the amount of tattoo artists out there, many of which are creative and talented.

Skilled artists matter.

In the tattoo industry, there is a saying – “A good tattoo is not cheap. A cheap tattoo is not good.” Skilled artists can DEMAND higher fees for their SUPPLIED service.  They can do so for a number of reasons. The first and foremost reason is that their work is unique and GOOD.

Other factors driving the price of a tattoo can include:

Most tattoo artists pay a percentage of what they make to the shop in order to work there and use certain supplies. This fee is included in the service. Therefore, it is important to realize that the more popular and in DEMAND that a tattoo shop is – the higher the percentage those artists are paying to SUPPLY their talent. GOOD tattooing equipment costs.

Location. Location. Location.

This rule is as much a factor in buying prime real estate as it is when deciding where to place your tattoo.  Different parts of the body are harder to tattoo than others. Therefore, a seasoned tattoo artist will know enough to share the right location for the size, shape and color of the tattoo you are seeking.

Color Costs More. Stay with Black and Grey.

THIS IS A MYTH.  Color tattoos DO NOT cost more. However, they do require more time, especially on larger sized tattoos.  Therefore, maybe toning down the full back tattoo of multiple colors would help.  Instead, consider having the detail and outline performed in shades of black combined with a splash of color when conjuring your perfect tattoo.

Don’t settle for less.

If you have less in your pocket when you go to purchase a tattoo, wait until you have enough money saved up for what you really want.  Put the money aside, meet with various tattoo artists to share your vision for your tattoo. While conducting your research – SAVE.

Remember, a tattoo is for life.

Getting a tattoo should be given the same consideration as you would the purchase of your first home or deciding on your lifelong mate! Too often people decide they want a tattoo on a whim. No serious thought or research is performed. It becomes a matter of the lowest bidder getting the opportunity to provide the service.

Think about it. This is your body, your statement to the world. Make sure when you share your tattoo with the world – it is one that you can be proud.

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