Choosing the BEST Tattoo Shop

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Choosing the best Tattoo shop is as important as the tattoo.

As our third installment of our six-part series for the tattoo enthusiast, we want to discuss the importance of a good tattoo shop.

Cleanliness is KEY

Safety and cleanliness should be your area of MOST CONCERN, and for good reason. Remember, every surface touched during a tattoo (by you or the artist) becomes contaminated. The tattoo artists need to be licensed and trained in blood borne pathogens. Make sure that the tattoo artists licenses are visible. Also observe to see if the tattoo artists are disinfecting all surfaces between clients. Do not hesitate to ask the shop owner, manager or artists to walk you through their sterilization techniques.

You want to go to a shop that is organized and that the employees of the shop care about the cleanliness. Was your first impression noticing how CLEAN and ORDERLY the shop looked? Was it bright and surfaces were clear and disinfected? If yes, then this is the shop for you!

Customer Service Goes a Long Way

Tattoos are a personal and private service that is offered to those who like them. Tattoos are something that people DESIRE but do not NEED.  Therefore, the BEST Tattoo Shops have trained their staff to appreciate that their clients chose them. Gone are the days that tattoos are only meant for the rough and tough biker who prefers you “draw and don’t ask questions”.

As with any reputable company, customer service is essential in order to be successful. An unfriendly or pushy tattoo artist is a fast track to shop failure. Think about it, you are about to endure something that brings pain for some and discomfort for others. You are going to want a tattoo artist who is nice and kind and even feels BAD about the pain they are about to put you through.

Selecting a shop whose artists possess a wealth of knowledge they are willing to share, in an informative way, is the way to go. If a tattoo artist feels there could be some concerns regarding the type of tattoo you have selected, he/she will take the time to politely inform you of the concerns they may have. For example, the size of the tattoo in relation to where you want the tattoo placed on your body may conflict.  A good tattoo artist will make recommendations and even make suggestions that will enhance the look/design of your tattoo.

Choose Wisely

You should research what is available in your area and then check out three shops you want to consider. Ask friends and relatives that have gotten tattoos themselves. Go online and google “tattoo shops, your city”. Visit their website, give them a call, and be sure to step across their threshold BEFORE deciding if that tattoo shop is right for you. When you visit a shop as part of your search, inquire with others who have just received a tattoo there.

As a rule of thumb, it is usually a safe bet to start your search with the OLDEST and most respected tattoo shop around. For the record, the more experienced shops tend to demand more from their employees, not just creatively, but in their customer service and knowledge of sterilization protocols.  (FYI – Jims Tattoo has been open since 1977). There is typically a reason that a tattoo shop has been around for a long time. Stop in and discover why that might be for yourself.





2 comments on “Choosing the BEST Tattoo Shop

  1. Alise Harper says:

    I am wanting to get a tattoo but am having a hard time knowing where to go and get it done. I really liked all this information on choosing the best tattoo shop. I especially liked how you pointed out to make sure the shop is not only clean and continually being disinfected between clients but they have their tattoo artist license visible. I think this is important because knowing that the tattoo won’t get infected and the artist is qualified will be comforting during a nerve-racking experience. Thanks for all the advice to know what I need to look for in a tattoo parlor!

    1. TattooAdmin says:

      Glad we could be of assistance.

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